Jim Photoglo

Photoglo (20th Century-Fox 1980)

Producer: Brian Francis Neary

Drums: Willy Ornellas, Ed Green
Guitars: George Marinelli, Fred Tackett, Johnny Staccato, Jim Photoglo
Bass: Dennis Beldfield
Piano: Bill Cuomo, Bill Meyers, Brian Neary, James Calire
Keyboards: Bill Cuomo
Synthesizer: Brian Neary, Dirk Dalton
Percussion: Dirk Dalton, Brian Neary, Jim Photoglo
Background Vocals: Brian Neary, Tony Dancy, Lisa Soble, Maxayne Lewis

1. We were meant to be lovers
   2. The best that I can be
   3. 20th century fool
   4. Steal away
   5. Beg borrow or steal
   6. When love is gone
   7. I don't want to be in this movie
   8. Faded blue
   9. Young girl
  10. Don't be afraid to love somebody