Jimmy Webb

El Mirage (Atlantic 1977)

Producer: George Martin

Drums: Nigel Olsson, Jim Gordon
Bass: Dee Murray, David Hungate, Larry Knechtel
Guitars: Fred Tackett, Dean Parks, Herb Pedersen, Lowell George
Keyboards: Jimmy Webb, David Paich, George Martin
Synthesizer: David Paich
Percussion: Harvey Mason
Background Vocals: Kenny Loggins, Billy Davis, George Hawkins, Clydie King, Shirley Mathhews, Susan Webb, Herb Pedersen

1. The highwayman
    2. If you see me getting smaller I'm leaving
    3. Mixed-up guy
    4. Christiaan no
    5. Moment in a shadow
    6. Sugarbird
    7. Where the universes are
    8. P.F. Sloan
    9. Dance to the radio
   10. The moon is a harsh mistress
   11. Skylark (a meditation)