Jo Mama

Jo Mama (Atlantic 1970)

Jo Mama: Danny Kortchmar, Charles Larkey, Ralph Schuckett, Abigale Haness, Joel O'Brian

Producer: Peter Asher

Drums: Joel Bishop O'Brian
Guitars: Danny Kortchmar
Bass: Charles Larkey
Keyboards: Ralph Schuckett
Horns: Michael Dubkin, Ollie Mitchell, Mayo Tiana, Bobby Williams
Lead Vocals: Danny Kortchmar, Abigale Haness, Ralph Schuckett
Background Vocals: Carole King, Abigale Haness

1. Machine gun Kelly
    2. Midnight rider
    3. Searching high, searching low
    4. Lighten up, tighten up
    5. Venga venga
    6. Sailing
    7. Great balls of fire
    8. The sky is falling
    9. The word is goodbye
   10. Check out this gorilla
   11. Cotton eyed Joe
   12. Love'll get you high