Jo Mama

J is for Jump (Atlantic 1971)

Jo Mama: Danny Kortchmar, Charles Larkey, Ralph Schuckett, Abigale Haness, Joel O'Brian

Producers: Tom Dowd & Albhy Galuten

Drums: Joel Bishop O'Brian
Guitars: Danny Kortchmar
Bass: Charles Larkey
Keyboards: Ralph Schuckett
Lead Vocals: Danny Kortchmar, Abigale Haness, Ralph Schuckett
Background Vocals: Carole King, Abigale Haness

1. Keep on truckin'
    2. Back on the streets again
    3. Smack water Jack
    4. If I had a billion dollars
    5. My long time
    6. When the lights are way down low
    7. Love is blind
    8. 3 A.M. in L.A.
    9. Sweet and low
   10. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh
   11. Sho 'bout to drive me wild