Joe and Bing

Joe and Bing (RCA 1976)

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Producers: Don Kirshner

Drums: Steve Gadd, Allan Schwartzberg
Bass: Will Lee, Jay Leonhart, Joe Knowlton
Guitars: Elliot Randall, Eric Weissberg, Bing Bingham, Joe Knowlton
Keyboards: Bing Bingham, Mitch Margo
Percussions: Rubens Bassini, Jimmy Maelen
Sax: David Sanborn
Lead Vocals: Bing Bingham, Joe Knowlton
Background Vocals: Bing Bingham, Joe Knowlton, Jay Siegel

1. Catchin' hearts
   2. Barnstormer
   3. Oh Elizabeth
   4. Alaska bloodline
   5. Library
   6. Changing
   7. Looking for Camelot
   8. Hockey player
   9. Ripple in the water
  10. You didn't have to go
  11. You can dance to my song