Johnny Mathis

Friends In Love (Columbia 1982)

Producers: Barry Fasman, Jack Gold, Jay Graydon

Drums: Michael Baird
Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Mike Porcaro
Guitars: Jay Graydon
Keyboards: David Foster, Jay Graydon, Mike Porcaro
Percussion: Victor Feldman
Horns: Jerry Hey
Vocals: Dionne Warwick
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Venette Gloud, Richard Page

1. Got you where I want you
   2. I remember you and me
   3. When the lovin' goes out of the lovin'
   4. Somethin's goin' on
   5. What do you do with the love
   6. Friends in love
   7. What's forever for
   8. Warm
   9. Memory
  10. Lately