Johnny Mathis

Once In A While (Columbia 1988)

Producers: Peter Bunetta, Rick Chudacoff, Preston Glass, Robert Kraft

Drums: Peter Bunetta, Preston Glass, Tom Walsh
Bass: Rick Chudacoff, Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars: Nicholas Brown, Dann Huff, Fred Tackett, Michael Thompson
Keyboards: Greg Bartheld, Bill Elliot, Preston Glass, Robert Kraft, James Studer
Percussion: Jorge Bermudez, Paulinho Da Costa
Sax: Michael Paulo, Craig Thomas, David Woodword
Background Vocals: Frankie Bleu, Sheryl Crow, Joe Ericksen, Rick Nelson, Leslie Smith, Craig Thomas

1. I'm on the outside (looking in)
   2. It wouldn't have made any difference
   3. Two strong hearts
   4. Once in a while
   5. Fallen
   6. Daydreamin'
   7. From a whisper to a scream
   8. Ain't no woman (like the one I've got)
   9. Just like you
  10. Love brought us here tonight