Kate Taylor

Sister Kate (Cotillion 1971)

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Producer: Peter Asher

Drums: Joel O'Brien, Russ Kunkel
Bass: Charles Larkey, Lee Sklar
Guitars: Danny Kortchmar, James Taylor, Bernie Leadon, John David Souther
Piano: Carole King, Ralph Schuckett
Organ: Ralph Schuckett
Percussion: Sandra Crouch, Danny Kortchmar
Horns: Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love and the Memphis Horns
Background Vocals: Carole King, Merry Clayton, Oma Drake, Donna Prater, Peter Asher, Linda Ronstadt, Gail Haness

    1. Home again
    2. Ballad of a well known gun
    3. Be that way
    4. Handbags and gladrags
    5. You can close your eyes
    6. Look at granny run, run
    7. Where you lead
    8. White lightning
    9. Country comfort
   10. Lo and behold / Jesus is just all right
   11. Do I still figure in your life
   12. Sweet honesty