Kenny Loggins

It's About Time (All The Best 2003)

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Producers: Kenny Loggins, Tommy Sims, Richard Marx

Drums: Dan Needham, Herman Matthews
Bass: Tommy Sims, Bruce Atkinson
Guitars: Tom Hemby, Kenny Loggins, Gordon Kennedy, Clint Black, Danny Donnelly, Danick Dupelle, Tommy Sims
Pedal Steel: Dan Dugmore
Keyboards: Michael McDonald, Dom Camardella, Richard Marx
Synthesizers: Tommy Sims, Brian Mann
Percussion: Javier Solis, Chris Ralles, Rock Deadrick, Daryl Tibbs
Harmonica: Terry McMillan
Horns: Jim Horn, Barry Green, Mike Haynes
Background Vocals: Jerard Woods, Jovaun Woods, Amy Holland, Paul Garcia, Clint Black, Richard Marx

1. It's about time
   2. With this ring
   3. Alive 'n' kickin'
   4. I miss us
   5. The one that got away
   6. Brothers
   7. This is how my song goes
   8. Doin' it right
   9. The undeniable groove
  10. No other voice