Kenny Loggins

How About Now (180 Music 2007)

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Producers: Kenny Loggins, Jesse Siebenberg, Peter Collins, Frank Myers, Richard Marx, Gary Burr

Drums: Jesse Siebenberg, Dan Needham, Steve Distanislao, Steve Brewster
Bass: Jesse Siebenberg, Craig Young, Richard Brannan, Mark Hill, Dave Marotta
Guitars: Kenny Loggins, Will Owsley, Todd Hannigan, James Lowery, Jeff king, Jeff Pevar
Piano: Mike Reid, Gabe Dixon
Keyboards: Jesse Siebenberg, Charlie Judge, Jimmy Nichols
Synthesizers: Jesse Siebenberg
Percussion: Jesse Siebenberg, Dan Needham, Lenny Castro
Harmonica: Tom Ball
Background Vocals: Jesse Siebenberg, Chip Davis, Lois Mahalia, Crosby Loggins, Gary Burr

1. A year's worth of distance
    2. A love song
    3. Truth is
    4. How about now
    5. I don't want to hate you anymore
    6. That's when I found you
    7. If you never been there
    8. I'll remember your name
    9. Too much (never enough)
   10. This too will pass
   11. I'm a free
   12. One last goodbye song