Leah Kunkel

Leah Kunkel (Columbia 1979)

Producers: Val Garay and Russ Kunkel

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Stephen Bishop, Dan Dugmore, Andrew Gold, Danny Kortchmar
Bass: Leland Sklar
Keyboards: John Jarvis, Craig Doerge, Wiiliam D. Smith, James Newton Howard
Sax: Joe Farrell, Jim Horn
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Background Vocals: Penny Nichols, Rosemary Butler, Jackson Browne, Renée Armand

    1. Step right up
    2. Under the jamaican moon
    3. Souvenir of the circus
    4. If I could build my whole world around you
    5. Down the backstairs of my life
    6. Losing in love
    7. Step out
    8. Don't leave these goodbyes
    9. I've got to get a message to you
   10. Fool at heart