Lee Ritenour

First Course (Epic 1976)

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Producer: Skip Drinkwater

Drums: Harvey Mason, Ed Greene
Guitars: Lee Ritenour
Bass: Bill Dickinson, Louis Johnson, Chuck Rainey
Piano: Larry Nash, Jerry Peters
Keyboards: Dave Grusin, Michael Omartian
Synthesizers: Ian Underwood, Dave Grusin
Percussion: Harvey Mason, Jerry Steinholtz
Sax: Tom Scott
Horns: Ernie Watts, Jerome Richardson, Chuck Findley, Frank Rosolino

1. A little bit of this and a little bit of that
   2. Sweet syncopation
   3. Theme from Three Days of the Condor
4. Fatback
   5. Mamories past
   6. Caterpillar
   7. Canticle for the universe
   8. Wild rice
   9. Ohla Maria (Amparo)