Lee Ritenour

Portrait (GRP 1987)

ritenour87.jpg (9030 byte)

Producer: Lee Ritenour

Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, William Kennedy, Harvey Mason
Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Djavan, Paul Jackson Jr.
Bass: Tim Landers, Nathan East, Jimmy Haslip
Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes, Russell Ferrante, Barnaby Finch
Synthesizers: Larry Williams
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Alex Acuna
Horns: Jerry Hey, Larry Williams
Sax: Kenny G, Mark Russo
Vocals: Eric Tagg, Phil Perry, Kevin Lettau

1. Asa
   2. Turn the heat up
   3. Windmill
   4. White water
   5. Portrait
   6. G-Rit
   7. Shades in the spade
   8. Children's games
   9. Runaway