Lee Ritenour

Color Rit (GRP 1989)

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Producer: Lee Ritenour

Drums: Carlos Vega, Bob Wilson
Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Oscar Castro-Neves
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Anthony Jackson
Keyboards: Larry Williams, Russell Ferrante
Synthesizers: Russell Ferrante, Dave Witham
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Sax: Ernie Watts
Horns: Jerry Hey, Larry Williams
Vocals: Gracinha Leporace, Kate Markowitz, Phil Perry

1. Bahia funk
    2. E'
    3. All the same tonight
    4. Mister reggae
    5. Etude
    6. I can't let go
    7. Color Rit
    8. The kiss
    9. Malibu
   10. Tropical storm