Lenny Williams

Rise Sleeping Beauty (Motown 1975)

Producers: Chester Thompson, Lenny Williams

Drums: Ted Sparks
Bass: Rusty Allen
Guitars: David Stallings
Piano: Michael Bennett, Joseph Williams
Organ: Chester Thompson, Joseph Williams
Percussion: Bill Summers
Horns: Jules Broussard, Mic Gillette, Eddie Henderson, Jose Hernandez, Stephen Kupka, Edward Myers, John Parish
Background Vocals: Carmen Bryant, Kathy Collier, Ralph Elliott, Venette Gloud, Chester Thompson

1. Since I met you
    2. I'm a pioneer
    3. Cause I love you
    4. To be a star
    5. Shame
    6. Loving station
    7. Motion
    8. Sons of thieves, slaves and braves
    9. Rise sleeping beauty