Lenny Williams

Let's Do It Today (MCA1980)

Producer: Steve Duboff

Drums: Ed Greene
Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Nathan East
Guitars: Charles Fearing, Ray Parker Jr., David T. Walker, Paul Jackson Jr., Thom Rotella
Keyboards: Clarence McDonald, Sonny Burke, Sylvester Rivers, Ronald Coleman
Synthesizers: Michael Boddicker, Steve Duboff, Clarence McDonald
Percussion: Steve Duboff, Paulinho Da Costa
Sax: Tom Scott
Horns: Oscar Brashear, Ollie Mitchell, Gary Grant, George Bohannon, Alan Kaplan, Jeff Clayton, Gene Cipriano
Background Vocals: Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Gary Hughes, Stephanie Spruill, Jim Gilstrap

1. Suspicious
   2. Don't stop me now
   3. Let's do it today
   4. Ooh child
   5. Messing with my mind
   6. Looks like you made it
   7. Play with me, stay with me (lay with me)
   8. If you don't want my love