Livingston Taylor

Over the Rainbow (Capricorn 1973)

Producer: Ed Freeman

Bass: Walter Robinson
Drums: Rick Marotta
Guitar: Buzzy Feiten, Livingston Taylor
Horns: Ed Freeman
Keyboards: Chuck Leavell, Neil Larsen
Percussion: Rick Marotta
Piano: Victor Brady
Vibraphone: Mike Mainieri
Backing Vocals: Carly Simon, James Taylor, Maeretha Stewart

1. Loving Be My New Horizon
    2. Pretty Woman
    3. Falling In Love With You
    4. I Can't Dream Of You
    5. Blind
    6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    7. Rodeo
    8. Lady Tomorrow
    9. If I Needed Someone
   10. Let Me Go Down
   11. Oh Hallelujah