Livingston Taylor

Our Turn to Dance (Village Green 1991)


Producers: Artie Traum and Scott Petito

Drums: Neal Wilkenson, Danny Brubeck
Bass: Scott Petito
Guitars: Livingston Taylor, John Hall, Mike DeMicco, Larry Hoppen, Artie Traum
Piano: Warren Bernhardt, Livingston Taylor
Keyboards: Vinnie Martucci
Percussion: Bashiri Johnson
Sax: Paul Branin
Background Vocals: Robbie Dupree, Larry Hoppen, Leslie Ritter, Debbie Lan, Bob Leinbach, Leah Kunkel, Amy Fradon

1. Our turn to dance
    2. It's my job
    3. I must be doing somthing right
    4. No easy way to break
    5. Make the change
    6. My father's eyes
    7. Silvered wings
    8. You got the right guy
    9. Someday you may notice me
   10. Vacation
   11. The way you look tonight