Livingston Taylor

Good Friends (Chesky 1993)

Producers: David Chesky and Joel Diamond

Drums: Gary Burke
Bass: Dave Finck
Guitars: Livingston Taylor, George Naha
Piano: Joel Diamond
Keyboards: Livingston Taylor
Sax: Lawrence Feldman
Background Vocals: Charles, Lee Williams, Tony Wells

1. Out of this world
    2. Jacques Cousteau
    3. Heart and soul
    4. Carolina day
    5. If I only had a brain
    6. Grandma's hands
    7. Blind
    8. Good friends
    9. Pajamas
   10. Get out of bed
   11. Save your heart for me
   12. Fifth and vine
   13. Bluer than blue
   14. In my reply
   15. Somewhere over the rainbow
   16. Thank you song