Loggins & Messina

Sittin' In (Columbia 1972)

Producer: Jim Messina

Drums: Merel Bregante
Guitars: Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina
Bass: Larry Sims
Keyboards: Michael Omartian
Harmonica: Kenny Loggins
Percussion: Milt Holland
Sax: Jon Clarke, Lester A. Garth
Background Vocals: Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina, Lester A. Garth, Larry Sims, Merel Bregante

    1. Nobody but you
    2. Danny's song
    3. Vahevala
    4. Lovin' me
    5. To make a woman feel wanted
    6. Peace of mind
    7. Back to Georgia
    8. House at pooh corner
    9. Listen to a country song
   10. Same old wine
   11. Rock 'n' roll mood