Lyons & Clark

Prisms (Shelter 1976)

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Producer: David Kershenbaum

Drums: Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Wilton Felder, Jerry Scheff, David Hungate
Guitars: Debbie Lyons, Pam Clark, Larry Carlton
Piano: Paul Griffin
Electric Piano: Joe Sample
Synthesizer: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Ralph McDonald
Sax: Tom Scott
All Vocals: Debbie Lyons, Pam Clark

1. Floating on the blue
   2. I thought I would try
   3. Prisms
   4. Nothing but sand
   5. Love lines
   6. No deal
   7. Keepin' the heat down
   8. Sweet mistery
   9. Open the door
  10. Penny Jar
  11. Floating on blue