Maria Muldaur

Southern Winds (Warner Bros. 1978)

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Producer: Christopher Bond

Drums: Ed Greene
Guitars: Les Dudek, Amos Garrett, John Hug, Thom Rotella, Christopher Bond
Bass: Scott Edwards
Piano: Phil Aaberg
Keyboards: Michael Finnigan
Synthesizer: Christopher Bond
Harmonica: Dave Burgin
Percussion: Gary Coleman
Horns: Robert Bryant, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Lew McCreary, Don Menza, Ernie Watts
Background Vocals: Jim Anderson, Rosemary Butler, Michael Finnigan, Amos Garrett. Greg Prestopino, Wendy Waldman, Pepper Watkins

1. Make love to the music
    2. Say you will
    3. I'll keep my light in my window
    4. I got a man
    5. Cajun moon
    6. I can't say no
    7. Here is where your love belongs
    8. That's the way love is
    9. Joyful noise
   10. My sisters and brothers