Marty Balin

Lucky (EMI 1983)

Producers: Val Garay

Bass: Kevin McCormick
Drums: Rick Marotta
Guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Keyboards, Syntheizer: Steve Goldstein, Louis Biancaniello
Percussion: M. L. Benoit
Horns: William Bergman, Darrell Leonard, Greg Smith, Jerry Peterson, Jim Price, Kenneth W. Tussing, Michael D. Slusher

Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Daniel Moore, Matthew Moore

1. Born To Be A Winner
    2. What Do People Like?
    3. Just Like That   
    4. Do It For Love
    5. What Love Is
    6. Heart Of Stone
    7. Palm Of Your Hand
    8. Will You Forever
    9. All We Really Need
   10. When Love Comes