Max Meazza

Only Angels Have Wings (Solid Air 1989) antologia

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Producer: Max Meazza

Keyboards: Amedeo Bianchi
drums: Tiziano Tononi
Acoustic bass: Attilio Zanchi
Bass: Massimo Spinosa
Sax: Claudio Pascoli
Percussion: Mauro Paoluzzi
Synthesizers: Edo Martin
Guitars: Claudio Bazzari
Spanish guitar: Fabio Spruzzola
Acoustic guitars: Max Meazza
Lead vocals: Max Meazza, Isabella Pinucci

    1. Only angels have wings
    2. Two weeks in Rio
    3. Cold as ice
    4. Key to your hearts
    5. Sad girl in the bathroom
    6. That the way you act
    7. The long goodbye
    8. Suspected in crime
    9. Highway 101
   10. Things are never  twice the same
   11. Holidays
   12. Duffle Jim
   13. Nervous everytime it rains
   14. No one cares
   15. Complicated Life (for Nick Drake)