Max Meazza

Summer of 71 (Solid Air 1994)

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Producer: Max Meazza

Keyboards: Massimo Colombo, Stefano Pulga
Drums: Giampiero Prina, Walter Calloni
Acoustic bass: Attilio Zanchi
Bass: Massimo Spinosa
Percussion: Maurizio Preti
Guitars: Claudio Bazzari
Acoustic guitars: Max Meazza
Lead vocals: Max Meazza
Background vocals: Dave Electric
Pedal Steel guitar: Roberto Colombo

    1. Letters from nowhere
    2. Summer of 71'
    3. Blue sky Charlie
    4. The night when everything became nothing
    5. Last time I saw Suzanne
    6. Hotel for broken men
    7. Without love
    8. Highway song
    9. Contraband
   10. Road movie