Maxine Nightingale

Right Back Where We Started From (United Artists 1976)

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Producer: Pierre Tubbs

Drums: Theodore Thunder, Pete Kirshaw
Bass: Mike De Alburquerque
Guitars: Mick Barker, Glenn Nightingale, Pierre Tubbs
Piano: Lynton Naif
Keyboards: Bob Andrews
Percussion: Dave Ulm, Vince Edwards, Ian Harrison
Sax: Peter Hughes, Raphael Ravenscroft
Trumpet: Kenny Wheeler
Background Vocals: Tony Rivers, John Perry, Ken Gold, Vince Edwards, Pete Kirshaw, Bob Andrews, Helen Chappel

    1. (I think I wanna) Possess you
    2. Bless you
    3. Right back where we started from
    4. In love we grow
    5. Gotta be the one
    6. One last ride
    7. Reasons
    8. If I ever lose this heaven
    9. Love enough
   10. You got the love
   11. Life has just begun
   12. Everytime I see a butterfly
   13. Good-bye again