Maxine Nightingale

Love Lines (United Artists 1978)

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Producer: Denny Diante

Drums: Ed Greene, Larry Tolbert, Ollie Brown
Bass: Jerry Knight, David Hungate, Eddie Watkins
Guitars: Ray Parker Jr, Larry Carlton, Glen Nightingale, Thom Rotella, Charles Fearing
Keyboards: Michel Colombier, David Foster, Michael Boddicker, Sylvester Rivers, Marilyn McLeod, Vincent Bonham
Congas: Melvin Webb
Sax: Michael Brecker
Background Vocals: Stan Fraber, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Oren Waters, Allee Waters, Marilyn McLeod

1. You are the most important person in your life
    2. You got to me
    3. Your love's too strong
    4. (Bringing out) The girl in me
    5. Love me like you mean it
    6. Lead me on
    7. I die inside without you (Darlin' dear)
    8. Ask Billy (They tell me)
    9. No one like my baby
   10. Someone like me
   11. You made my life beautiful