Maxine Nightingale

Bittersweet (RCA 1980)

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Producer: Denny Diante

Drums: John Robinson, Steve Schaeffer, Larry Tolbert
Bass: Jerry Knight, Eddie Watkins, Abraham Laboriel, Bobby Watson
Guitars: Glen Nightingale, Greg Moore, Thom Rotella
Keyboards: Michel Colombier
Synthesizers: Michel Colombier, Michael Boddicker
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Background Vocals: Allee Willis, David Lasley, Bruce Roberts, Marcy Levy, Stan Farber, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce

1. Take your heart
    2. I'm givin' it all to you
    3. Work on it
    4. Just because
    5. All night with me
    6. Never enough
    7. Tight spot
    8. Why did you turn me on