Maxus (Warner Bros. 1981)

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Maxus are: Robbie Buchanan, Michael Landau, Mark Leonard, Doane Perry, Jay Gruska

Producer: Michael Omartian

Drums: Doane Perry
Guitars: Michael Landau
Bass: Mark Leonard
Piano: Jay Gruska, Robbie Buchanan
Synthesizers: Robbie Buchanan, Michael Omartian, Ian Underwood
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Lead Vocal: Jay Gruska
Background Vocals: Robbie Buchanan, Mark Leonard, Doane Perry, Bill Champlin, Tommy Funderburk

   1. The higher you rise
   2. Nobody's business
   3. What you give
   4. Keep a light on
   5. Your imagination
   6. They danced
   7. Part of you
   8. Don't try to stop me now
   9. Where were you