Melissa Manchester

Hey Ricky (Arista 1982)

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Producer: Arif Mardin

Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Ed Greene, John Robinson, Sinclair Lott
Guitars: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Dean Parks, David Gates, Hugh McCracken, David Spinozza
Bass: Nathan East, Abe Laboriel, Dennis Belfield, Cliff Hugo
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan
Synthezizers: Robbie Buchanan, Larry Williams, Bob Christianson
Sax: Larry Williams
Harmonica: Don Brooks
Background Vocals: Will Lee, Ula Hedwig, Hamish Stuart, Robin Beck, Tom Snow, Lani Groves

1. You should hear how she talks about you
   2. Slowly
   3. Hey Ricky (you're a low down heel)
   4. I'll always love you
   5. Race to the end
   6. Wish we were heroes
   7. Come in from the rain
   8. Looking for the perfect ahh
   9. Your place or mine
  10. Someone to watch over me