Michael Cruz

The Heart Never Forgets (PPL 1981)

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Producers: Michael Cruz, J. James Jarrett

Drums: Tom Cochan, Jim Hines, Ira Walters
Bass: Jeff Steele, Adonis Hampton, Greg Mitchell, Phillip Scott
Guitars: Nick Brown, Kenny Allen
Keyboards: Jae Jarrett
Percussion: Tom Cochan
Horns: Jimmy Carter, Steve Eisen, David Jamarillo
Background Vocals: Victoria Reid, Holly Rutheford, Beth Lawrence, Debbie Swanson, Kathy Brown

1. Long time, no love
   2. This time
   3. When we make love
   4. The heart never forgets
   5. You got me lovin' overtime
   6. Late late show
   7. A heart is broken every minute
   8. Only game in town
   9. Joy
  10. No pity
  11. Never again
  12. Late late show ("Enciendeme")

Songs 8-12: cd bonus tracks previously unrealeased