Michael Gately

Still 'Round (Janus 1972)

Michael Gately, Robert John

Bass: John Miller, Stu Woods
Drums, Congas, Percussion: Rick Marotta
Guitar: David Spinozza
, John Tropea, Stu Scharf, Michael Gately
Keyboards: Frank Owens

Saxophone: Rich Grando

Backing Vocals: Robert John,
Michael Gately

    1. With You Today
    2, No Dry Change
    3. You Just Run Away
    4. Did The Mornin' Tell You
    5. You're Too Busy Being Free
    6. Country Ladies
    7. I Couldn't Love You More
    8. All Too True Blues
    9. Will You Be Here
   10. I Don't Know If I Should Love You (Lynn's Song)
   11. But Then Again...