Michael McDonald

Blue Obsession (Ramp 2000)

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Producers: Tommy Sims, David Pack, Chris Pelonis, Bernie Chiaravalle, Michael McDonald

Drums: Dan Needham, Yvette Preyer, Brian Zsupnik
Guitars: Chris Rodriguez, Tommy Sims, Bernie Chiaravalle, William Owsley, David Pack
Bass: Tommy Sims, Chris Kent, Todd Smith
Piano: Michael McDonald
Keyboards: Tommy Sims, David Pack
Synthesizers: Michael McDonald
Organ: Marc Harris, Bill Livsey, Johnny Neel, Tim Akers
Percussion: Tom Roady, Terry McMillan
Horns: Mark Douhit, Doug Moffett, Denis, Solee, Mike Haynes, Barry Green
Background Vocals: Tabitha Far, Angelo Petrucci, Veronica Petrucci, Wendy Moten, Chris Willis, Nicol Smith, Amy Holland, Karla Bonoff, Christopher Cross

1. All I need
    2. No love to be found
    3. Obsession blues
    4. Where would I be now
    5. Build upon it
    6. The meaning of love
    7. Open the door
    8. Kikwit town
    9. Down the river
   10. Someday you will
   11. Ain't that peculiar
   12. You can't make it love