Michael Murphey

Flowing Free Forever (Epic 1976)

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Producers: Michael Murphey and Jeff Guercio

Drums: Harry Wilkinson
Guitars: Michael Murphey, John Macy, Sam Broussard, Peter Maunu
Bass: Michael McKinney
Banjo: John McEuen
Piano and Synthesizer: Jac Murphy
Harmonica: Ray Bonneville
Percussion: Michael Murphey, Harry Wilkinson, Victor Feldman
Sax: David Luell
Background Vocals: Sam Broussard, Michael McKinney, Steve Fromholtz, Deborah McColl

1. Flowing free forever
    2. A north wind and a new moon
    3. Cherokee fiddle
    4. See how all the horses come dancing
    5. Yellow house
    6. Changing woman
    7. High country carovan
    8. Running wide open
    9. Our lady of Santa Fe
   10. The wandering minstrel