Michael Ruff

Speaking in Melodies (Sheffield Lab 1993)

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Producer: Clair Marlo

Drums: Per Lindvall, John Robinson
Guitars: Henrik Janson, Dean Parks
Bass: Lars Danielsson, Abraham Laboriel, Leland Sklar
Piano: Michael Ruff
Keyboards: Michael Ruff, Greg Mathieson
Synthesizers: Pat Coil, Greg Mathieson
Percussion: Luis Conte, Mike Shapiro, Alex Acuna, Lenny Castro
Sax: Jerry Peters
Background Vocals: Nadia Ruff, Leslie Smith, Mark Lennon

1. What kind of world
    2. Lover's mask
    3. I will find you there
    4. The eyes of love
    5. Seeing for the very first time
    6. Any less than this
    7. That's not me
    8. Poor boy
    9. Watching like angels
   10. Beside myself
   11. Wishing well
   12. More than you'll ever know
   13. I will find you there (jam)