Michael Sembello

Without Walls (A&M 1986)

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Producers: Richard Rudolph and Michael Sembello

Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Carlos Vega
Guitars: Michael Sembello, Srteve Rippley, Bud Rizzo
Bass: Richard Rudolph
Keyboards: Michael Sembello, Danny Sembello, Randy Waldman, Casey Young
Synthesizers: Dave Boruff, Bobby Caldwell, Dennis Matkosky, Steve Porcaro
Percussion: Ron Powell
Harmonica: Stevie Wonder
Horns: Herb Alpert, Dave Boruff, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams
Background Vocals: Bobby Caldwell, Cruz Sembello, Tata Vega, Stevie Wonder

1. What you really want
    2. Last to know
    3. Funkabilly swing
    4. Is this the way to paradise
    5. Burn it up
    6. Tear down the walls
    7. Gravity
    8. Wonder where you are
    9. Dangerous