Michael Sembello

Backwards in Time (Columbia 1997)

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Producers: Richard Rudolph and Michael Sembello

Bass: Nate Watts, Alfred Rubalcava
Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes
Trumpet: Gary Grant
Saxophone: David Boruff
Horns: Herb Alpert
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Greg Bissonette, Raymond Pounds
Synth Programming: David Matkosky, Steve Porcaro
Percussion: Humberto Hernandez
Background Vocals: Toshi Kubota, Nikki Haris, Gina Harley

1. Too much bizzarre
    2. Never go home
    3. Backwards in time
    4. The life of my broken heart
    5. Exotic erotic
    6. Dangerous questions
    7. The road to lonely
    8. Rocking chair
    9. I believe in you
   10. Who is
   11. Ride the snake
   12. Rub the stone