Listen (Capitol 1977)

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Navarro: Mark Hallman, Robert McEntee, Rob Galloway, Miguel Rivera, Michael Wooten, Richard Hardy

Producer: Norm Kinney

Drums: Michael Wooten
Bass: Rob Galloway
Guitars: Mark Hallman, Robert McEntee, Ben Carnes, James Tuttle
Piano: Carole King, Robert McEntee
Keyboards: Mark Hallman, Robert McEntee, David Muse
Percussion: Miguel Rivera
Harmonica: Mark Hallman
Sax: Richard Hardy
Lead and Background Vocals: Mark Hallman
Harmony Vocals: Carole King

1. Listen
    2. Newborn highway
    3. Both ends of the game
    4. Trying for the sun
    5. About you
    6. You
    7. One of these days
    8. Caught in the door
    9. Laying my life down
   10. What it is