The Nielsen Pearson Band

The Nielsen Pearson Band (Epic 1978)

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Producers: Don Murray, L. Gold, Skip Drinkwater

Drums: Steve Boutté
Guitars: Reed Nielsen, Mark Pearson
Bass: John Scott Bowen
Piano: Mark Pearson
Keyboards: Reed Nielsen, Mark Jordan
Synthesizers: John Scott Bowen
Organ: Mark Jordan
Harmonica: Norton Buffalo
Sax: Lenny Pickett
Percussion: Steve Boutté
Background Vocals: Reed Nielsen, Mark Pearson, Tom Faragher, Jim Faragher, Dan Faragher

1. Home
    2. Wasn't that the love
    3. Whatever I have to be
    4. Pack up your goodbyes
    5. Down to the river
    6. I need a song
    7. Once in love
    8. For all time
    9. On the spot
   10. Best times