Pages (Epic 1978)

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Pages are: Richard Page, Steve George, Jerry Manfredi, Peter Leinheiser, Russ Battelene, John Lang

Producer: Bobby Colomby

Drums: Russ Battelene
Guitars: Peter Leiheiser
Bass: Jerry Manfredi
Piano: Richard Page
Keyboards: Steve George
Synthesizers: Steve George
Percussion: Steve Forman, Claudio Slon, Victor Feldman, Bobby Colomby
Sax: Michael Brecker
Horns: Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, Tom Malone
Lead Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George
Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Philip Bailey, Bobby Colomby, Lani Groves, Donna Fien, Mary Hylan, Linda Mallah

1. Clearly Kim
    2. This is for the girls
    3. Let it go
    4. Listen for the love
    5. Love dance
    6. If I saw you again
    7. Interlude
    8. It's alright
    9. Room at the top
   10. I get it from you