Parker McGee

Parker McGee (Big Tree 1976)

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Producer: Kyle Lehning

Drums: Larry Londin
Bass: Joe Osborn, Ted Reynolds, Kyle Lehning
Piano, Keyboards: Shane Keisterm Kyle Lehning
Guitars: Steve Gibson
Steel Guitar & Dobro: Doyle Grisham
Sax, Flute: Billy Puett, Skip Lane
Fiddle: Lisa Silver
Banjo: Bobby Thompson
Percussion: Larry Londin
Background Vocals: Sheri Kramer, Diane Tidwell, Lisa Silver

1. Goodbye old buddies
    2. You got me runnin'
    3. This magic night
    4. Talkin' 'bout loving you
    5. Angel dancing
    6. Got that feeling
    7. I just can't say no to you
    8. Boy meets girl
    9. Feather lite and honey smooth
   10. Rock-a-bye baby
   11. Family reunion