Patti Dahlstrom

The Way I Am (20th Century 1973)

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Producers: Michael J. Jackson and Michael Omartian

Drums: Jim Gordon, Gary Mallaber
Bass: Jack Conrad, Leland Sklar, Bryan Garofalo
Guitars: Dean Parks, Larry Carlton, David Spinozza, David Lindley, Ned Doheny
Keyboards: Craig Doerge, Michael Omartian
Organ: Michael Utley
Horms: Tom Scott, Clarence McDonald
Background Vocals: Don Dunn

1. I'll come home
   2. I promised
   3. The way I am
   4. High noon alibis
   5. Cleveland snow
   6. Emotion
   7. Give him time
   8. Then I lose you
   9. Innate
  10. For everybody's sake