Patti Dahlstrom

Your Place or Mine (20th Century 1975)

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Producer: Jack Conrad and Bill Schnee

Drums: David Kemper, Gary Mallaber, Jim Keltner
Bass: Jack Conrad, David Hungate, Klaus Voorman
Guitars: Dean Parks, Art Munson, Fred Tackett, Steve Cropper, Jay Graydon, David Lindley
Keyboards: Larry Knechtel, Michael Utley, Andy Cahan, George Clinton
Percussion: Steve Foreman, Milt Holland
Horns: Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Jackie Kelso, Lon Van Eaton
Background Vocals: Don Dunn, Ray Kennedy, Chuck Higgins

1. Used to be in love with love
   2. If you want it easy
   3. Break of day
   4. Painter
   5. Louisiana
   6. He did me wrong, but he did it right
   7. Runnin' out of world
   8. When it comes to you
   9. Good to be alive
  10. Sending my good thoughts