Peter Allen

Bi-Coastal (A&M 1980)

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Producer: David Foster

Drums: Ed Greene, Ralph Humphries, Carlos Vega, Jeff Porcaro.
Keyboards: David Foster,
Bass: Mike Porcaro, Dave McDaniel
Guitars: David Williams, Steve Lukather, Richie Zito, Jay Graydon
Percussions: Paulinho DaCosta, Josť Rossy
Sax: Eugene Meros, Lon Price
Synthesizer: Tom Keane, David Foster, Larry Williams
Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George

    1. One step over the borderline
    2. Fly away
    3. Bi-coastal
    4. I don't go shopping
    5. Hit in the heart
    6. I could really show you around
    7. Somebody's angel
    8. Simon
    9. Pass this time
   10. When this love affair is over