Peter Friestedt

The LA Project (LA Project 2002)

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Producer: Peter Friestedt

Drums: Michael Shapiro, Ralph Humprey
Bass: Jimmy Haslip, Abraham Laboriel
Guitars: Peter Friestedt, Jeff Richman
Keyboards: Russel Ferrante, Michael Ruff, Stefan Gunnarsson, Peter Friestedt
Percussion: Peter Friestedt
Sax: Brandon Fields, Bob Mintzer
Horns: LA Project Horns
Lead Vocals: Bill Champlin, Bill Cantos, Michael Ruff, Joseph Williams
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Bill Cantos, Stefan Gunnarsson, Sharon Perry, Joseph Williams

1. Livin' in your eyes
    2. Peace of mind
    3. Only prayer
    4. Got to find it
    5. Time to play
    6. All alone
    7. Take a little chance
    8. Storyteller
    9. Peace of mind II