Peter Friestedt

LA Project II (Zink Music/Vivid Sound 2008)

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Europe cover                            Japan cover

Producer: Peter Friestedt

Drums: John Robinson, Tris Imboden
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
Guitars: Peter Friestedt, Tommy Denander
Piano: Randy Goodrum, Peter Friestedt, Michael Ruff
Keyboards: Peter Friestedt, Lou Pardini, Stefan Gunnarsson, Ingemar Aberg, Bill Cantos
Synthesizer: Stefan Gunnarsson
Percussion: Stefan Gunnarsson, Tobias Marberger
Horns: Wojtec Goral, Magnus Johansson
Lead Vocals: Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Bill Cantos, Lou Pardini, Michael Ruff, Randy Goodrum
Background Vocals: Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Henrik Rongedal, Bill Cantos, Lou Pardini, Olivia Ruff

1. Where to touch you
    2. Cheyenne
    3. One more night
    4. There ain't nothin' (wings of joyful thinkin')
    5. Love is gonna getcha
    6. Closer to home
    7. Always on my mind
    8. Love is a powerful thing
    9. Careless mockingbird
   10. Waiting for you