Peter McCann

Peter McCann (20th Century 1977)

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Producer: Hal Yoergler

Drums: Michael Botts
Guitars: George Marinelli
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Piano: Peter McCann, Mike Utley
Keyboards: Peter McCann, Brian Whitcomb
Sax: Ernie Watts
Background Vocals: Mary Hylan, Ginger Holiday, Nick Uhrig, Hal Yoergler

1. Do you wanna make love
   2. Everybody's got to hold on to something
   3. I can't live without it
   4. It's easy
   5. The things you left behind
   6. Save me your love
   7. Suicide and vine
   8. Broken white line
   9. Right time of the night
  10. If you can't find love