Peter McCann

One on One (Columbia 1979)

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Producer: Hal Yoergler

Drums: Michael Botts, Claude Pepper
Guitars: George Marinelli, Tim Weston
Bass: Scott Chambers, Brian Garofalo, Peter Freiberger
Piano: Peter McCann, Mike Utley
Keyboards: Peter McCann, Brian Whitcomb, Kevin Bassinson, Jim Ehinger
Sax: David Woodford
Background Vocals: Mary Hylan, Ginger Holiday, Nick Uhrig, Hal Yoergler

1. Just one woman
    2. Love this time
    3. What he got
    4. Damned if I love you
    5. Don't take it out on me
    6. Step right up
    7. Road to love
    8. Come by here
    9. All you got to do
   10. That's just the way that I feel