Phobe Snow

Never Letting Go (Columbia 1977)

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Producer: Phil Ramone

Drums: Grady Tate, Steve Gadd, Chris Parker
Guitars: Phoebe Snow, Steve Khan, Steve Burgh, Eddie Daniels, Hugh McCracken
Bass: Will Lee, Tony Levin
Keyboards: Bob James, Kenny Ascher, Richard Tee
Synthesizers: Kenny Ascher
Percussion: Ralph Mac Donald
Sax: Michael Brecker
Horns: Ronnie Cuber, David Taylor, George Young, Randy Brecker, Barry Rogers, Alan Rubin, Phil Woods
Background Vocals: Patti Austin, Gwen Guthrie, Kenny Loggins, Lani Groves

1. Love makes a woman
   2. Majesty of life
   3. Ride the elevator
   4. Something so right
   5. Never letting go
   6. We're children
   7. The middle of the night
   8. Electra
   9. Garden of joy blues