Pieces (Liberty 1979)

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Pieces are: Geoffrey Leib, Mike Linge, Larry Lingle, Kenny Lee Lewis

Producers: Barry Bergman and Pieces

Drums: Mike Linge
Bass: Kenny Lee Lewis
Guitars: Larry Lingle
Keyboards: Geoffrey Leib
Synthesizers: Geoffrey Leib, Robbie Robinson
Percussion: Steve Forman, Lenny Castro
All Lead Vocas: Pieces
Background Vocals: Pieces and Diane Steinberg

1. Dances so good
    2. Magazine lover
    3. That's way of love
    4. Love's winning me over
    5. Heaven must have made you
    6. Who you benn doin'
    7. You made me believe
    8. Can't turn down love
    9. Where did our love go